happy thankspigging

For the past few years, mainly because I'm too far away to travel home for Thanksgiving, I've started a tradition of doing something outdoors instead of involving myself in the feeding frenzy that most other people in America are engaged in today. Two years ago, I went for a hike up Grey Rock and last year Ann and Dylan and I spent the weekend climbing down at Shelf Rock. This year, I didn't make any specific plans because I've been fighting a mild case of the crud all week, so I wanted to play it by ear and decide what I was up for after I woke up this morning. I was still feeling a little puny, so I decided to just take a quick run up Arthur's Rock. It felt good to get outside after three days of inactivity and the weather was perfect, cool and cloudy. All in all, a great way to spend a day in which we are supposed to remember those things for which we're thankful.

Now, I need to work on my novel. I'm at 30,843 and I should be at 38,341.

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