bouldering. problems.

So the bouldering ranking scale goes like this: outside, they start with V0 and go upward, with a V2 being, actually pretty difficult. I'm usually only able to do the V0s. Inside at the gym, they start with 'Rec' which I believe stands for Recreational, go to Intermediate, then Advanced and finally, Open. I can almost always finish the Recreational problems, and occasionally I can complete the Intermediate ones, but not very often.

Today at the gym, there was this kinda fat guy who was pretty much at my level, and it made me feel somewhat lame. And determined to improve as rapidly as I possibly can. I mean, if a fat guy can do it... Nothing against the fat guy or anything, but I'm in fairly decent shape, and I should honestly be better at this than him.


dylan said...

Every now and then I encounter a climber who seems to defy the laws of physics. I always remember watching a huge fat guy climbing 5.11 like a gorilla in the Owen's River Gorge.

I don't think comparing yourself to others too much is a good idea - at least not if it demoralizes you. If it helps you push yourself and improve, well maybe. But it seems like there will always be someone who appears to have inferior physical resources to you , but nevertheless kicks your butt. Just remember that you enjoyed doing it before encounters like that...

craptastic said...

oh, it wasn't demoralizing. more of a wake-up call really. i think i do need to push myself more.

i felt like i had made some improvements over the last time i went, so that's all that really matters.