blow, brother, blow

Back home, we never talked about the wind really, because, well, every day was windy. Some days windier than others, of course, and if winds became stronger than 35 mph, someone would mention it eventually, but offhandedly like it wasn't really that important, just something to talk about.

Here in Colorado they forecast wind like it is an actual weather phenomenon. I was watching the news last night before I fell into an exhausted coma, and the weatherman actually said, '…it's going to be windy from 10a to 6p tomorrow.' I laughed and thought, a) it's funny that they're actually talking about wind, and b) how can they possibly say with such certainty what times it's going to be windy?

The weird thing? He was right? It was perfectly calm on my bike ride into work today, but now, it's windy. I'm kinda freaking out about it.

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