it's barely worth talking about

At least if you're an Ivy League school, no one expects you to be good at sports, 'cause you're supposed to be all brainy and stuff, but 32 points? Are we sure they even played the second half? That's gotta be a typo, right?

Can you say, 'let's put Dartmouth on the schedule because it will up our win record?'


i did it

It's done. Finito. Finished.

Last night I pounded out 3,000+ words and got past 50,000. In spite of Heroes being on.

I posted it. They counted it, and now I'm officially a Nanowrimo winner.

I kind of don't know what to do with myself. It consumed almost a month of my nights and quite a few of my days, and there's sort of a big, gaping hole where it was.

Guess I can always fill it with television.


the home stretch

Remember that Nanowrimo thing I started at the beginning of the month? Well, I'm happy to say that after writing all weekend, I'm now at 47,070. I am truly amazed that I've managed to string that many words together. And they're all about the same thing. It's shocking, kinda.

If everything goes well, I might actually complete this damn thing before Thursday.

Keep your fingers crossed.

did that just happen?

Did you just see that? Did you see the two back-to-back blocks? One block hardly ever happens in college b-ball, but two? And then, we had it won, we were up by four. Four. And a stupid foul caused it to go into overtime and I knew then, that we had lost it all. But those kids from KU would not give up and ended up winning by two points. Amazing.

This was truly one of the best games I've ever seen. The 'Hawks came out from the get go wanting with all of everything they had in them to win it. And, they certainly didn't disappoint. Dick Vitale said one thing right during the game last night, that it was like watching a championship game, but it's the beginning of the season.

This people, is why college basketball is the best game on Earth.


awwww. yeah

I don't care what happens the second half (ok, I care. I really, really do), but the 'Hawks just had a fuckin' kick ass first half. 36-30? I know it's only six points, but I fully expected us to be about three times that behind by now. And Julian Wright? With 17 points and six rebounds. I don't care that you look old enough to be my father, you rock, dude.

Ok. I gotta go chew on my fingers now and wait anxiously for the second half to be over.

it's a palindrome

So, no surprise here really, we beat Ball State. Where's Ball State again? Although, really, against Ball State, the score should've been a lot higher. It makes me really, really nervous about the Florida game tonight.


happy thankspigging

For the past few years, mainly because I'm too far away to travel home for Thanksgiving, I've started a tradition of doing something outdoors instead of involving myself in the feeding frenzy that most other people in America are engaged in today. Two years ago, I went for a hike up Grey Rock and last year Ann and Dylan and I spent the weekend climbing down at Shelf Rock. This year, I didn't make any specific plans because I've been fighting a mild case of the crud all week, so I wanted to play it by ear and decide what I was up for after I woke up this morning. I was still feeling a little puny, so I decided to just take a quick run up Arthur's Rock. It felt good to get outside after three days of inactivity and the weather was perfect, cool and cloudy. All in all, a great way to spend a day in which we are supposed to remember those things for which we're thankful.

Now, I need to work on my novel. I'm at 30,843 and I should be at 38,341.


slaughter house 4

'nough said.

the main event

Insomnia, dressed in a red and yellow, full-body spandex suit, the decorative sequins sparkling intermittently in the light from the flashbulbs going off, looked Nyquil in the eye, took him by the throat and threw him to the sweat-soaked mat. She placed her stiletto clad foot across his neck, exerting downward pressure and slowly, ever so slowly, set about crushing his windpipe. He looked up at her in abject terror, his eyes bulging out of his head, his last, dying breath ripped raggedly from his lungs.

An audible sigh rose up from the audience then, a palpable mixture of sadness and disappointment. They had come in droves, you see, from all over the land, filling the gymnasium and spilling out onto the dead brown grass of the lawn, hoping with every last ounce of belief they could muster that Nyquil, their final and most decorated champion, would defeat el Diablo. Alas, evil had once again proven victorious. Insomnia, with fire blazing in her eyes, laughed maniacally at the crowd, her fists raised triumphantly in the air and set forth on her reign of sleeplessness.


now, that's what i'm talkin' about

Man, I wish I could actually see the games instead of just reading about them online. The big Florida game is coming up on Saturday, and I would give my left eyeteeth to actually be able to watch it.


bouldering. problems.

So the bouldering ranking scale goes like this: outside, they start with V0 and go upward, with a V2 being, actually pretty difficult. I'm usually only able to do the V0s. Inside at the gym, they start with 'Rec' which I believe stands for Recreational, go to Intermediate, then Advanced and finally, Open. I can almost always finish the Recreational problems, and occasionally I can complete the Intermediate ones, but not very often.

Today at the gym, there was this kinda fat guy who was pretty much at my level, and it made me feel somewhat lame. And determined to improve as rapidly as I possibly can. I mean, if a fat guy can do it... Nothing against the fat guy or anything, but I'm in fairly decent shape, and I should honestly be better at this than him.


it's not true

Some parallel universe leaked into ours last night. A world where some freaky religious university in Oklahoma can beat the 'Hawks at bball. In the real universe, the one we all inhabit, God would not let this happen. Even if the ORU crowd is more His speed. Because a world where the acolytes can win against KU is an upside down place filled with hatred and evil. So, the only logical explanation is that we all got zapped momentarily into an alternate universe.

Or maybe it was just a really bad dream I had.


a tad disappointed, i am

Last night, we went to see The Decemberists play at The Paramount in Denver. I have been looking forward to this show for a very long time, and while it was good, we all ended up being a little disappointed. For, you see, Mr. Meloy has a really, really bad cold. He joked about the Craken being released, and that's a good analogy for how bad he sounded. So, while he struggled to hit the high notes despite a cracking voice and what was obviously a very sore throat, he just couldn't do it for very long. They only played for an hour. Well, not even really, about 55 minutes.

And, I have to say that their performance, was way less, well, exuberant than I had imagined it would be. The songs they did perform for us were good, mostly from their latest effort obviously, but they did do July, July and We Both Go Down Together. Two of my favorites. Although I would've rather they had played Red Right Ankle and Shiny. The crowd was mostly sympathetic and didn't complain too loudly about the quality of his voice nor the shortness of the show. They were even excited enough to spontaneously burst into group, rhythmic clapping. Not just once, but several times. Nothing disturbs me more than the group that is clapping to a beat. It makes me anxious, nervous and sweaty. I think largely because I am super uncoordinated and if I try to clap along, I always screw it up and look foolish, but there's also a sort of underlying mob current that runs through a crowd that is joined in a singular activity, and it gives me the creeps. Plus, I think it sort of ruins the songs and turns the concert more into a sporting event with cheerleaders than a musical endeavor.

Anyway, it was still a good show, and I enjoyed it, but I wish he hadn't been so sick because it probably would've been an entirely different experience. I guess he played in Minneapolis right before Denver and was throwing up the entire time he was on stage. So, at least we didn't have to witness that.


blow, brother, blow

Back home, we never talked about the wind really, because, well, every day was windy. Some days windier than others, of course, and if winds became stronger than 35 mph, someone would mention it eventually, but offhandedly like it wasn't really that important, just something to talk about.

Here in Colorado they forecast wind like it is an actual weather phenomenon. I was watching the news last night before I fell into an exhausted coma, and the weatherman actually said, '…it's going to be windy from 10a to 6p tomorrow.' I laughed and thought, a) it's funny that they're actually talking about wind, and b) how can they possibly say with such certainty what times it's going to be windy?

The weird thing? He was right? It was perfectly calm on my bike ride into work today, but now, it's windy. I'm kinda freaking out about it.


Damien Rice's new album, 9, finally became available for us Americans to purchase today. I've been waiting since 2005 for him to come out with some new material, so you can imagine how excited I am about it. It's much like his other stuff: angry, beautiful, haunting, and bitter lyrics backed by acoustic guitar and violins. You can't beat that with a stick.

Plus, for all of you out there who still disdain purchasing music electronically because you want the liner notes, well, worry no longer. The day has arrived. This album came with a 'digital booklet.'

It's about damn time. I mean, PDF's have been around for a long, long while people.


off to a great start

I know it was only Northern Arizona, but still. 91-57? Holy crap. That Brandon Rush kid is going to be truly unstoppable in a couple of years.

It's that time of year again, and I couldn't be more happy about it. I only wish that I could see every, single game instead of the three or four I actually get out here in 'rado.

BTW if you're new to me, be prepared to get really, unbelievably sick and tired of me talking about, not only the 'Hawks, but college basketball in general. I may be a tad bit obsessive.

insomnia sucks

I woke up Saturday morning at 5.5a in spite of not getting to bed until almost 1a. So, after lying there for a while angry and pissed off, trying vainly to get back to sleep, I finally decided to just suck it up and get out of bed. I put my game face on, attempting to be optimistic about these trying times by looking at it as more hours to work on the ol' novel, but I was secretly really mad about not getting enough sleep. Insomnia is insidious and sneaky and evil and creates a vicious cycle of too little sleep, then too much caffeine so you can get through the day, then too little sleep—most likely because you had too much caffeine, etc.

After spending much of the morning writing I decided that I should go be a little active, hoping that physical exhaustion would lead to the ability to sleep last night. So, you'll be extremely proud of me, I actually went to the gym and bouldered. By myself. And the 18-year-olds weren't too scary and judgmental. Or maybe they were, but I chose to remain oblivious.

Last night, my friend Paul and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine at the cheap theater, and I have to say that you have to go see this movie. I know it's probably not playing at too many places any longer, but if it is, get there as quickly as you possibly can. You know the joke, 'I laughed, I cried' when people are making fun of their movie-going experience? Well, in this case it was true. I was doubled over laughing loudly more times than I can count. And there were some seriously sad moments too. Nothing that made me cry, really, because I'm way too manly for that, but they did tug at the ol' heart strings. I won't say too much more about it, because I think it's one of those movies that is better when you don't know too much about it beforehand. I will say this though, it was extremely well-written and offered quite a few surprises that I didn't predict. Not something I can usually say about cinema.

A definite must see.

Oh. And I went to bed last night at 11p and woke up at 3.5a this morning. So, my plan failed. Probably time for some Simply Sleep®.


the writing of the words

Dylan is out of town on a skydiving trip with his friend Pete, so I was sans climbing partner last night. I contemplated going to the gym and bouldering—it's what we did on Tuesday and I actually had a lot of fun—but then I got a small freelance job and decided to use that as an excuse to go directly home after work.

I also needed some time to try and up my word count on my novel. I'm not going to be able to write much this weekend, and I'm still behind so I needed to get some words down.

I'm happy to say that I got to 12,195. Which, to me, sounds like a crapload of words. But when you look at the number of pages they fill up, it's not so many. Only 32. It's daunting really. I don't know how anyone does this year-round. I'm exhausted and it's only Week Two. Plus, I'm really, really sick of both of my characters and want to kick them both in the nuts.

I have some idea of what's in store for the protaganist, and I'm anxious to get there, but I'm trying not to rush it too much. Otherwise, I won't have all 50,000 words. Which is the whole point. Right?


let me hear a 'hell yeah'

I've been thinking a lot since I woke up on Wednesday morning about why I'm not more disappointed about the results of the recent elections. Many of the local issues did not go the way I wanted them to, and everyone keeps asking me why I'm not more pissed about it all. (Ok. Well two people asked me why I wasn't more upset, but it sounded way better to pretend it was everyone.)

I have decided that it is thus:
• SO MANY people showed up to the polls. Not nearly as many as could've, but still. It was a record turnout for a midterm election. People cared enough to voice their opinion. It shows they are sick of the current administration and want something done. Not that Bush is likely to listen, but maybe it's a sign for the big election in '08.
• Coupled with the fact that more young people than ever before voted this time around gives me hope for the future of our country.
• The Democrats won back Congress. Both Houses. I'm simply shocked and amazed by this. Maybe they can loosen the idiot king's deathgrip on this country. The system of checks and balances is back in place. One party rule of our country is no longer an issue. Hopefully, there won't be a lot of bipartisan bickering as a result and they can get some things done. Like ending this tragic, stupid, senseless war we're embroiled in.
• More than anything, it has renewed my faith in the American public. I had very low thoughts about the majority of people that occupy this country after '04, and now, I'm more hopeful that they won't let the idiots destroy us entirely.

So. I have a renewed feeling of love for the place I call home. See world, we're at least trying to fix our mistakes.

And, it doesn't hurt that ol' Rummy was forced to resign and is no longer in a position of power. May boils erupt on his ass and make it very, very painful for him to sit down ever again.


it's the end of days

Rumsfeld resigned? WTF? I can't believe it. Look at how sad he looks. Right now he's afraid of what Satan's gonna do to him, once he finally makes it down to Hell. He's probably in Karl Rove's office, licking his boots (and various other things that shall not be named) hoping for absolution.

I'm maybe a little too giddy about it. Should I feel bad for him? No. No I shouldn't.

The Democrats won the House, and it looks like most likely the Senate? I can't stand it. It's like the feeling you got as a kid when you had discovered one of your Christmas presents a couple of days before, and then the day of you couldn't wait to get downstairs to open it for real so you could start playing with it immediately.

Last night I had mixed emotions about the results of the elections here in Colorado. We elected a Democratic Governor, which is great; most of our U.S. House seats that were up for grabs went to Democrats; unfortunately, Satan's stranglehold on northeastern Colorado is still too strong, and Marilyn Musgrave got voted back into office. The nice thing is that since the Democrats are now in control of Congress, her unholy power will be weakened somewhat. Seriously. Somewhere along the way, that woman signed her soul over to the devil, I mean Karl Rove, I mean the devil.

Also unfortunately, here in Colorado we're still afraid of the gays and marijuana, but I didn't expect the outcome to be any different than it was, so I wasn't too disappointed there. I think it was too much to ask for that the Republicans in this state would be able to handle two extremely liberal issues in one election. Next time, Democrats, you should space them out some.

All in all I'm fairly ecstatic about the final results. Take that Bush.

I heart election time.

p.s. If Condie becomes Secretary of Defense I'm gonna vomit.


what if?

I woke up this morning extremely nervous. I don't want to jinx anything, but what if, what if we actually have a Democratic Congress sometime tonight? Or more likely two weeks from now once the Republicans have stopped barraging the court system with cries of voter fraud?

What if?

The idiot king would no longer have as much power, 'twould be a glorious, glorious thing. Maybe we could actually get this country back on track.

Is that putting too much faith in the American public? That they would actually, finally, realize what an incompetent moron they put into power? And start to do something about it? It is probably too much to hope for, so I'll shut up and go back to being cynical and pessimistic about the whole thing.


the plight

I spent much of the weekend working on my novel. Yesterday morning I decided to erase everything I had been working on for the past three days and start over from scratch. Now I'm at 5,642 words and should be at 8,335, so I'm a little bit behind. Hopefully, I can catch up as the week progresses.

Even with all of the writing, I did manage to go out drinking on Saturday night and go hiking up at Arthur's Rock with Ann and Dylan today. I felt I deserved a little fun, especially since I'll probably have another really stellar week at work this week.


tower of babble

So, if you haven't heard of NaNoWriMo , which means that you've been living under a rock for the past two years without the internet (or you just don't surf as much as I do), it's this writing 'contest' where participants try to write 50,000 words of a novel in one month. It doesn't matter if it's well or poorly written. It doesn't matter if it's in Klingon, it just has to be 50,000 words. The whole point, really, is to get you off your ass and actually writing instead of just talking about it. Plus, there's this really big sense of community and shared suffering through their website forums.

I signed up at the beginning of October and then almost crapped my pants last night when I realized that it was November 1 already. And me without a viable, well-thought-out idea for a story. I almost decided to blow the whole thing off, but then I kicked myself and gave myself a little pep talk and got to writing dammit. I wrote 1,527 words last night. Only 48,473 more to go. Which means I'm already behind as I should've written 1,667 if I want to get done by the 30th.

But I had to stop because, you know, Lost was on.