through his stomach and all that

So for the past 8 months or so, I've been slowly switching over to a more organic diet. You know, organic fruits and vegetables, organic cereal, bread, etc. so at this point I'm at about 80% (I'm guessing) which is probably where it will stay because I can't give up my Cheez-its®; I've tried organic cheese crackers (I believe they're called Cheese Bits or Cheese Squares or something equally bland) and, quite frankly, they're awful little dried-up husks that will never attain the glory that is the Cheez-it. Probably due to all of the yummy partially hydrogenated vegetable oil the real thing contains. Nor can I give up my Coke Zero®. I can't drink coffee because I dislike hot beverages and there is nothing on this big green and blue globe we call home that will get me to quit caffeine. Nothing. If the doc told me caffeine was going to kill me tomorrow, I would pull up a chair with a case of Coke and gulp it down until my heart stopped or my bladder burst, whichever came first.

Anyway, the point of all this is this: one of my favorite breakfasteses is waffles with peanut butter and blueberries, and this week the grocery store was out of organic blueberries, so I bought the regular, pesticide and hormone filled kind.

It's almost pornographic how big, round, full and plump they are.

And, weirdly, they're nowhere near as juicy.

Just an observation.


a cowboy in the seven-days-a-week fight said...

I just aquired a belgan waffler from a thrift store. I know i should have spent a little more on a new one, however, i just couldn't resist the 70's avacado green paint job. There are very few things in the morning that are better than a waffle.

craptastic said...

true dat. true dat.

dylan said...

We all must suck at the industrial nipple at times, I think. At least you can pick your poison and abandon yourself to it.

craptastic said...

i guess as far as addictions go, they're fairly harmless.