slugfest 2006

Well, it seems that all of my climbing peeps have dissed me for the evening.

I considered going to the gym anyway and bouldering, but man, I'm kinda afraid of the gym bouldering crowd. They're all 18 and very insular and they stand there and watch you make an idiot out of yourself on the bouldering wall while judging you very harshly in their heads. At least that's how I feel when I boulder at the gym. It causes me much performance anxiety.

So, then I considered going to the real gym and just lifting weights, but I haven't done that in about two months and am not really sure I want to go back there.

Plus, I just spent the day learning Action Script for Flash, which is much like learning a foreign language, only infinitely weirder because everything's in English, only it's f-ed up English because it's all in the wrong order. Like an alien who's really, really good at math tried to write his thoughts in English for the very first time and it came up all jumbled and fragmented. I know what it is, some madman combined algebra and English with the sole intent of torturing me.

i.e. It gave my brain much acheyness.

So, instead I decided to just go home and watch tv. Laziness wins out again.


dylan said...

I imagine those kids thinking, "Why is that old man trying to boulder? Shouldn't he have tendonitis by now?"

Sorry I bailed, it felt like I needed some rest. I was lazy and watched tv too.

craptastic said...

no worries. you never bail, so i think you're allowed one or two.

it was actually nice to be kinda lazy. i got some more battlestar galactica in. god that show is fantastic.