seriously? yes.

This morning on my way into work I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop. For alledgedly running a stop sign. I say alledgedly because I don't think I ran it. I slowed down. I was turning right. There wasn't even anyone close to the intersection. I was on my bike. I just wanted to ask, 'Are you fucking kidding me? Don't you have more important things to worry about? Like terrorists or something? Or the looming meth epidemic?' Asshole.

And, of course, he gave me shit for wearing my iPod while riding. Dude. That's my choice. It's not illegal. So fuck off.

As you can tell by the rampant use of expletives, it's made me extremely cranky. It doesn't help that I needed a spatula and a winch and pulley system to get out of bed this morning.

Thanks for ruining my Friday, jerk.

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craptastic said...

Why don't they pull you over to thank you for saving our air? For avoiding becoming part of the American obesity epidemic? For being quiet? For taking up less space on the roads? For helping to decrease our dependence on foreign oil? Just ONE of those things? This makes me ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. - Charley