lazy or productive? you decide

I was sitting here thinking that I just had a spectacularly lazy-ass weekend ( I think, mainly, because I didn't really spend a second outside), but I think, actually, that I got quite a bit accomplished:

After an amazingly shitty day at work, Friday night found me back at The Aggie for another not-so-good show. The opening act, Rocky Somebody or Other (I keep calling him Rocky Balboa, mostly because I think it would be hilarious to see Sylvester Stallone up on stage grinding his axe and grunting out poorly written lyrics) was pretty good, but I couldn't really discern the lyrics from the guitar so it's hard to say for sure. The headliner, Lucero, however was pretty bad. I was told they are alt.country, but in my mind there's nothing alt or country about them, as their influences seemed to come more from Meatloaf rather than Hank Williams. I left halfway through their fourth song and fell into bed around 12.5a.

I finally finished a pretty mundane book I've been struggling with for the past couple of weeks. I think I'm over my love of science fiction as a genre. I never thought I'd say it, but it's true.
• I read an entire issue of Outside magazine.
• I downloaded four new albums from eMusic. Which I know doesn't sound like it should take too long, but I spent about two hours trying to choose which ones I wanted to spend my October downloads on. I ended up with Dance the Devil by The Frames, Fort Recovery by Centro-Matic, Alejandro Escoveda's new one and Mr. Lemons by Glen Phillips.
• I watched two episodes from Battlestar Galactica, season 2.5.
• The R-dog convinced me to take her on a pretty long walk.
• I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen and vacuumed the entire house.
• I made cornbread. This time I bought an organic version that doesn't taste nearly as good as the chemical-filled kind, but if you drown it in enough red beans and rice, it doesn't matter.

• I read an entire issue of Paste.
• I added some new movies to my Netflix queue.
• The R-dog convinced me she needed another long walk.
• I raked up all of the leaves in the front yard. The back yard will have to wait until sometime later. Probably next year.
• Came up with some new ideas for a website I'm struggling with at work.
• Cleaned my bike.
• And, last but not least, I finally figured out the beginnings of the plot of the story I'm thinking about trying to write as my contribution for NaNoWriMo.

All in all, not too bad I guess. At any rate it could've been much worse.

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