the girl's alright

I have three things to post about, but I'm too lazy to make three separate posts, so I'm just going to lump them all in this one.

1. I had to take Bessie into the shop yesterday. There's been a strange rattling/grinding noise coming mysteriously from underneath her for the past six months or so. I was thinking that maybe she just needed a bath, but, alas, no. A bolt that holds the heat shield in place had rusted through and was causing the heat shield to move around. The mechanic assured me that this is completely normal and then assured me that the Scotch® tape he put on there to hold it in place was just a temporary measure and if it started again, they would have to redo the entire exhaust system. That sounds like fun, no?

(I'm exaggerating a little here. They didn't use Scotch tape. They used some clamps or something. And I think the only reason he kept repeating over and over that it was a temporary fix was so that when it decides to fall off and the heat shield starts rattling again, I won't storm in there all pissed off and demand they fix it for free.)

She is back to her normal quiet, stealth bomber mode though. Which is nice.

2. While I was doing errands over lunch today I saw a guy put his front tire on his bike without reclamping the brake. I thought about saying something, but just as I was about to open my mouth, he took off, riding on the sidewalk. Instead of the nice, wide bike lane that was two feet and a curb away. Now this is probably the biggest of all of my many pet peeves, so a tiny part of me was hoping that his failure to hook his brake back up properly would cause him to crash headlong into a lamp post or something, thereby reducing the number of idiots who choose to ride on the sidewalk by one. Then, a little later, I thought that instead, he would probably crash headlong into a baby carriage or small puppy or a person in a wheelchair or something.

And kind of regretted my decision to keep my mouth shut.

3. Finally, I just took my first pair of rock climbing shoes in to get re-soled. Forty-eight bones. Yep. You read it right. 48. That's half of a brand new pair. I can't decide if it was worth it or not.

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dylan said...

I'm happy with the resole I got here:


and only dropped 32 bones, including shipping. Still would be closer to 50 with a rand repair, tho...