Yesterday dawned gray and gloomy and by 11a I was struggling with the urge to just hole up and stay inside all day. Instead I called Dylan and we decided to go to the gym and climb. I made it up two 5.10s, not without hanging, but still. I completed them. I think maybe I'm finally, slowly breaking through the 5.10 barrier. Something I've been struggling with since last spring even.

When I first started climbing last year, I saw quite a few improvements pretty quickly, and then all of my success came to a grinding halt. Most of the spring and all summer long I've been trying to do the 5.10s, but just couldn't make it up them most of the time. It feels good to see some improvement again, even if very minor. My motivation is back to a level that it hasn't been since March. I know it's different in the gym and I may not have the same success rate when we finally return outside, but for now, I'll take it.

Next up, completing an entire 5.10 without resting. Keep your fingers crossed.

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