If you're like me, you get about 5,000,000 spam e-mails in your Inbox every minute of every hour of every day. Almost every single one is about obtaining cheaper Viagra or some other medicine full of empty promises of longer erections or larger penises. I know that I should just empty my Spambox without even looking at them, but I have this sick fascination with the creativity employed by the authors to write subject lines that will get the e-mails through the spam filters unscathed.

Unfortunately, I may have learned my lesson because I just saw one that contained the word ejaculatte (pay attention to the last five letters), which made me kind of throw up in my mouth a little.

That conjures up all sorts of badness.

And brings whole new meaning to the term, 'with foam.'


dylan said...

Will that be Grande or Venti?

craptastic said...

i say again, 'ewwwwww.'