doing my part to save america

In Colorado they open up the polls a whole two weeks before actual Election Day for 'early voting.' I'm not really sure why, but I think it's because they're trying to entice people to get out and vote. They use 'shorter lines' and 'avoiding Election Day congestion' as selling points. Frankly, I'm always surprised that there are people out there who don't vote and that organizations have to expend any effort at all to get people to the polls.

I had lunch today with my friends Travis and Kyle and neither one of them had even considered voting. I was justifiably shocked and dismayed. Don't worry. I denigrated and harangued them and made them feel guilty for it. Until Travis had had enough and finally said, 'Ok already. I'll go vote.' Job well done on my part. Especially since both of them lean more towards the Democratic side of things and we need, like nothing else in the world, to get Marilyn Musgrave (who is the closest thing to Satan this side of the Mississippi) out of office. We also get the opportunity to legalize marijuana use for anyone over 21. This is important stuff here, kids.

How can anyone not be excited to vote? It's the one little smidgen of power most of us will ever have in terms of deciding how our country is run. And, there are so many people in the world who will never, not even once, get the opportunity to tell their governments what they think. It's flabbergasting really.

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