there's a building being built

Day Two: Tina is really in love with the Chicago Archicenter's boat tour of Chicago, so every time someone comes to visit she gets all giddy and excited about being able to take it again. Yesterday was her fourth time. Even though we had a not so good docent yesterday, I can still see why she enjoys it. It's a unique way to see downtown, and I bet if you have a knowledgable travel guide you learn quite a bit about the architecture. Fortunately, we had Tina along with so she could fill in the gaps the docent left behind. Just to give you an idea of how bad she actually was: she said several times, 'There's a building being built.' I've decided that that will be my expression whenever I can't communicate clearly. And there were many, many, way too many places where she was completely silent. Seriously though, in spite of her lack of knowledge and communication skills it was still a great way to spend an evening, and really, an awesome view of one of the prettiest cities in the world. My favorite buildings in Chicago will always be the Marina Towers. To me, they're just so Chicago. Unique and weird and beautiful.

We had dinner at this little Italian joint downtown and then rode the El back home with this group of super-stoned obnoxious teenagers. We decided to get off and have a drink at The Green Mill, supposedly the place where the Poetry Slam was born, but there was a steep cover for a band we really weren't going to stay and see, so we went to The Uptown instead.

Tina and Curtis speak sort of guiltily about how often they go out and have drinks in this town, but, really there's no better way to just hang out and talk and in a city like this, there are so many great bars to spend your time in; how can you not want to try them all out?


dylan said...

I crossed that river every day for three years and never even knew there was a boat tour! I probably learned more trivia about Manhattan on the boat tour than I did about Chicago by living there.

My favorite Italian restaurant of all time is Rose Angelis in Lincoln Park.

craptastic said...

i'm really, really glad we took the tour. even though the guide was ill informed, i still learned quite a bit (mostly from tina) and it was a neat way to see the city. i highly recommend it if you ever come back here.

i will try immensely to remember the restaurant and if we get a chance, we will check it out. of course, tina and curtis seem to have the entire eating schedule planned out, so...

thanks much for the tip.