the palace rocks

Ann, Dylan and I headed back up to The Palace for another day of climbing.

Ann started us off on a 5.9, but couldn't make it past the crux, so Dylan led it and then I tried it on top rope. Uh. No. I couldn't get past the crux either, so Ann got back on and gave up after a few tries. Of course, we didn't want to wear ourselves out too soon so we didn't really push too hard either. Really.

Then we went through the valley so that Ann and I could attempt a lead on a 5.8. Ann got up to the crux, decided she couldn't make it on lead and came back down. I tried, got to the crux, freaked out and came back down. So Dylan saved us again. He led it successfully, I followed on toprope with a little bit of struggle and quite a few curse words and then Ann came up behind us. Oh, well. At least I got to try out my new helmet. Yes, Mom. I finally bought a helmet.

Then we moved over to a 5.10a which Dylan led fairly easily. I got on next and although I had to struggle to get over the crux, I finally made it. Ann finished up quite gracefully and elegantly and without any cussing. Dylan got on one more time because I guess he wasn't tired enough already and then we headed home in a state of euphoria and bliss.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out but wasn't scorching and there was a pleasant breeze to keep us cool, but not too cold. It was also a successful climbing outing with no falls, minimum bloodshed and only a little bit of pain caused by the frigid temperature of the river we had to cross.

Maybe my struggles the previous week were really due to the funk. Sure. That's it.

After the week I just had, I really needed this.

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