a night out

Last night Pat, Derek and I, along with Pat's friends, Jay and Stacey made the trek down to Boulder to see Band of Horses at the Fox Theater. Well, we four made the trek, Jay drove in from Denver all by his lonesome. After stopping at some furniture store with a 'We Are the World' theme and eating dinner at this really loud restaurant full of drunk frat guys (I was in the restroom and one of them decided to announce to everyone that he had just peed all over himself. The other two guys he was with commiserated and started reminiscing about all of the many times they had done that. Ok. Whatever. TMI, people. TMI.), we made it to the show.

They were good. I wasn't sad that I saw them live and all that, but it definitely wasn't the best show I've ever seen. The venue, however, was great. Small and cozy, with amazing acoustics. The only downside was what always happens at shows where everyone has to stand to watch the performance, Captain Bighead stood right in front of me. And then wouldn't stand still.

What made it all worth it was one of the opening acts. We missed the first guy, but the second guy, Chad Vangaalen was awesome. I'm equating his sound to Neutral Milk Hotel because right now I can't think of anyone else comparable. He played the drums, guitar and harmonica all at the same time. And sang somewhere in there too.

Somewhere toward the end of the night, I decided to go buy one of his CDs. You know. Spread the love a little. So we'll see if he holds up as well in the studio.

And my eyes feel gritty and scratchy and there isn't enough caffeine in the world to keep me awake today and if I could, I would pull a George Costanza and build a bed under my desk and take a little nap. It's times like these that I'm oh so very thankful that I have an easy desk job.

It sucks being old.

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craptastic said...

ok. i finally figured out who's voice Mr. VanGaalen's sounds like: Neil Young.