a museum, a bean and a train ride

Day One: Tina and I met Curtis down at The Field Museum because we felt the need to do something museum-y, but refused to step foot in the Shedd and neither one of them had ever been to The Field. When we arrived, we discovered (or at least, I discovered, they may have already known) that there was a King Tut exhibit there. So, we got in line. A line that was slow moving and full of rude people, who seemed like they were mostly tourists. Why are the tourists always the rude ones? It's hardly ever the residents. We spent the time in line debating whether we should just see the museum, the King Tut exhibit or both. We finally arrived at the decision to see the King Tut, only to learn that it was already sold out. So. Decision made. We saw the rest of the museum. I learned two things that I didn't already know, but have since forgotten exactly what they were. Oh. One was that there is an actual plant called the Panama Hat. And the other had something to do with dinosaurs. I really can't remember. The triceratops was really cool as was the South American Giant Sloth. It was HUGE. Bigger than a grizzly bear.

Curtis had to go back home and meet Cristi, so Tina and I walked down Michigan Ave., had a snack at a place where you had to pay before you got your food and visited Millenium Park where I took a ton of pictures of The Bean. Tina gave me a tour of the Loop from the vantage point of the El and then we headed over to C and C's for a delicious burger and even more delicious dessert. I'm really surprised that Curtis doesn't weigh 2,000 pounds being married to a pastry chef. We played with Jez, Curtis' dog and talked. A lot. Oh. And we had some beers. I know it's shocking, but it's true.

I wish my friends were closer, but I am happy that they are happy in Chicago.

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