it's that time of year


My phone rings. It's Dylan. 'We're thinking nine,' he says. 'Ok. I'll see you at nine,' I reply.

If you look to the east, the sky is blue with only a few spots of clouds. As we discover when we leave the Holy Roller, if you look to the west, where we, of course, want to go, the sky looks grey and menacing.

We give up and head to the gym. It rains. We climb. Me somewhat horribly. Dylan and Ann much better.

I get home with enough daylight left over to be productive and industrious. Hence, I wash my bike and clean my house.

One Saturday done.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey this is depressing I can see the funk coming on....

Anonymous said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry this is depressing I could see it coming... Charley

craptastic said...

oh. i certainly didn't meanfor it to sound depressing. really? it does? dude.