it's a sickness really

Day Three:

Tina called in sick yesterday so we slept in as our only task for the day was to go to Curtis and Cristi's and take their sweet, sweet dog, Jez, for a walk. We walked over and on the way had lunch at this great little cafe called Taste of Heaven. Tina warned me on the way over that it was owned by two extremely pissy gay men who were angry at the world and therefore, the service was terrible, but the food made it worth it. It was worth it. And, in all actuality, the service was just fine.

On the way back home we went to Borders® (God. I heart Borders. I like Barnes and Noble®, but I think that Borders just has a way better selection) because I needed some new reading material as I devoured Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close way sooner than I had expected to. Now I know what you're thinking: You went to Borders? There are probably thousands, literally thousands, of bookstores in Chicago and you chose Borders? What can I say? I have a sick fascination with chain things. There's no question about what you are going to find there. You know. Before you even step foot in the establishment. It's comforting, really. Anyway, once we were done with Borders we did stop at this other little, used bookstore that ended up being great and I would've bought several things (Someone had actually sold back their entire collection of John Steinbeck short stories—can you believe it? I can't.), but as I have to lug everything back to Fort Collins and I had already purchased way too many things at Borders, I stopped myself from being a complete and total nutbag.

Living in the city has to be kinda difficult. We stopped at the grocery store since it was on the route back home and bought way too many heavy things. My arms were ready to fall off by the time we finally got back to Tina's.

We spent our evening iPod-ing it up. I have so much new music now it's sort of making my head spin. I could maybe throw up a little. I'm excited.

Tina was responsible today and went to work, so Cristi (who has the day off) and I are going to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Right now, I'm sitting here reading Chuck Klosterman's Killing Yourself to Live. I think I might be in love with him. Seriously.


dylan said...

Wow, you're all excited and in love and throwing up. No wonder you wanted to go to Chicago!

craptastic said...

i know. tell me about it. it's fantastic.