i'm not drunk at all

I made it safely to the Windy City. No fiery explosions. No painful, non-watery deaths. Tina seems weirdly proud of me that I was able to navigate the train system all by myself to get from the airport to her apartment. I’m not sure if it’s because she thinks I’m mildly retarded and she’s surprised that I was able to accomplish this monumental feat, or if she just thinks it’s hard in general and us rubes from the country should find it difficult to take public transportation.

Anyway. I arrived safely at her doorstep and then we met Curtis for dinner and beers outside at Moody’s. The nice thing about living a mile above sea level and then coming back down to closer-to-sea-level is that you can drink a ton of beer and not get drunk. Or maybe that's not such a nice thing. It will come in handy this week though.

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