i'm exhausted

Yesterday Tina bought us all tickets to go see M. Ward at The Metro, this really great venue in Wrigleyville. The show was fantastic. He brought two percussionists along with him on tour. Two. Besides just listening to him sing, they were probably my favorite part of the show. They were perfectly in sync and I was just in awe at their performance.

The main show was pretty short, not even an hour long, and was vastly more rockin’ than any of us expected it to be. Much more so than his studio stuff. Then he did two encores that were unbelievably beautiful. A great show and a great venue. Four thumbs up.

We went outside to decide what the next stage of the night was going to entail and then, once we had a plan, I decided to go back inside to see if the t-shirt line had calmed down any. Ok. Here’s my one issue with the venue. I walked past four security guards, made it all the way to the door of the store, and this punk-ass teenage kid with every available inch of skin on her face pierced comes running up behind me, yelling for me to stop. I told her I just wanted to go into the store to get a shirt and she decided to be extremely snotty about telling me there was an entrance on the street. There were quite a few things I wanted to explain to her, but I managed to keep my cool and my mouth shut.

Anyway. I got a pretty sweet shirt and we walked down to the Nisei, what I believe is the only quiet bar in Wrigleyville, mostly because it was sans meatfaces. Curtis and Cristi were smart and left around 2a. Tina, Sam and I moved on to The Green Mill and closed it down at 4a. The Green Mill is this great bar that is kind of hard to describe. It's sort of Victorian on the inside. After a couple of hours of just talking about nothing really, we left Sam to find his own way home and Tina and I walked home gushing our love for each other and saying over and over what a great week we had and how much it sucked that we lived so far apart and how much we didn’t want me to leave so soon. Uh. Yeah. We were both really drunk. That’s what happens when we drink too much. It’s not pretty for anyone.

This morning, or I guess it was afternoon, Curtis, Tina and I had lunch at this Swedish diner in Andersonville. Earlier I had mentioned to Tina that I wanted to go see the Lincoln Memorial, so after breakfast we headed over there to see what we could see. I got the idea from reading Assassination Vacation.

I have to say that it was a pretty huge letdown. It’s just a statue. Standing next to the entrance to a Walgreen’s. I was under the impression that it was a little more elaborate than it is in reality. Credit Ms Vowell’s writing skills that she made it seem pretty cool in her book. Cool enough that I wanted to go check it out anyway.

On the way back we walked through Lincoln Square which reminded me of many small town downtowns across America and stopped for a bit to watch the Germanfest parade that was rolling its way down Lincoln Ave.

Then it was time for me to come home. It really was a fantastic trip. And I was sad to leave, but I’m happy to be home again. One week of debauchery: complete.


::sg:: said...

oh man..I love m. ward

craptastic said...

i would worry about you if you didn't.