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Day five: Curtis loaned me his bike yesterday so that I could take a ride along the Big Water.

Although my knees kinda hurt right now, the ride was amazing. I stayed mainly on the bike path that runs along the lakeshore, but even riding through the city really wasn't that big of a deal. I had to ride over to where Tina works to give her the extra keys to her friends' apartment because she's catsitting. And, really, it wasn't all that scary. The main thing I had to watch out for were the people pulling out from the parking spaces along the side of the streets, and I have to do that back home, just not as carefully.

Curtis loaned me his single speed so I couldn't necessarily go as fast as I wanted to, but I did pass some people. You know, a couple kids on their bikes with the training wheels still attached, a middle-aged lady taking a leisurely ride along the lake and an old, old shirtless man who was trying to ride and scratch his leg at the same time. I felt unbelievably cool every single time.

If I lived here, I would ride everywhere.

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cyberhobo said...

A bike was my only transportation in Chicago, which was usually great. When I needed a thrill I would ride through the loop on State St. Usually it's fastest just to ride in the middle.