wtf? continued

And N Korea and S Korea are firing shots at each other? I've said fairly often that heat makes people crazy, but apparently there's something else over there in Korea that makes you crazier. Dim Sum maybe? And Israel just won't stop bombing the shit out of every country that shares its borders? See. Heat makes people crazy. And Iran won't quit trying to enrich uranium? C'mon Iran. No one in the universe thinks that all you want is nuclear energy. We all know you have plans to build a bomb and start WWIII. If you haven't built one already.

And none of the G8 countries seem to want to do anything about it. Especially us. Oh. We were all happy and excited to invade Iraq, a country that really, as far as I can tell, hadn't done anything all that awful. Yes. Yes. Saddam Hussein is an evil, evil man and he deserved to be ousted, but really, if you think about it, his evil only affected the people in his country, not the rest of the world. At least not as much as a frickin' nuclear bomb in the hands of a madman. Bush is so focused on keeping the Republicans in power that he can't be bothered with the rest of the world even though it's falling apart at the seams. Same with old Mr. Blair and Angelawhatshername in Germany. No. No. we wouldn't want to interfere when it's actually necessary. Only when we're trying to protect our oil resource.

Does anyone else think that as a collective whole we are just sitting in a bathtub full of lukewarm water, razor blade poised over wrist, trying to decide whether any of it is, in fact, worth it?

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