that's what i get

I can't climb tomorrow night so I talked Dylan and Doug into going bouldering with me out at Rotary Park. Can I just say that it's a bad, bad idea to wait a really long time before you go back to bouldering outside. I sucked. I definitely couldn't get up the one route on the Penny that I've never been successful at, and I couldn't even get up another route that I've previously completed.

I guess all of the time inside hasn't paid off as much as I'd hoped.

The weather was perfect though and it was nice to be outside again.


dylan said...

Bouldering is just different - other kinds of climbing are not necessarily helpful. Vice versa too - if you only boulder for too long stamina suffers.

It's really best if you enjoy the spanking - then you can't lose.

craptastic said...

oh. i enjoyed it. don't get me wrong. just surprised by how hard it was. it was like i'd never been before.

dylan said...

If you're enjoying it, shout it out loud! Thank you sir may I have another!!!