I just got back from a press check on The Sistene Chapel down in Denver. So far, things look good. Keep your fingers crossed.

For once, I have absolutely nothing on tap for this weekend. So. I think I'm gonna clean the shit out of my house. Pay some long overdue bills. Buy a much needed stuff sack for my new sleeping bag. Take my bike in for a tune-up. Wash the shit out of my car. Get my oil changed. Stuff my face with Cheez-its®. Freak out about the impending hot dog crisis. Maybe drink some beer. Take the R-dog for a couple of long walks. Maybe lift some weights. Definitely watch some cartoons. Oh. And read some stuff that's been piling up.

That's all folks. Have good weekends one and all.

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::sg:: said...

If you didn't already know:

B-52's are playing tonight at the New West Fest from 8:30-10

and tomorrow Nickel Creek plays from 4:30-6

oh...and it's free