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Last night Derek and I went down to Denver to a venue called Cervantes to see Anathallo and Rainer Maria who were opening for a band called The Format that neither of us had ever heard of and had no desire to see really.

The venue was awesome. It is located in El Barrio—what I call the Hispanic neighborhood north of downtown Denver, which is actually one of my favorite parts of town, and it is the perfect place to see a show. The stage is high so there's no bad place to stand really, there's an upstairs loft that runs on all three sides of the space and they have a huge bar in the back for the getting of the beers. We tried a beer neither of us had ever heard of called Holy Grail, which I think is a great name for an adult beverage.

The show was fantastic. Streets to Nowhere, the actual opening band, weren't awful despite the impression given by their name. Before they even came out on stage, Derek said that they were probably a teenage-emo band. He was spot on. The lead singer is a Conor Oberst wannabe with a pretty good voice, albeit a little histronic at times, with fairly decent lyric-writing abilities.

Anathallo was unbelievable. I now want to buy every single one of their albums. They're one of those bands that just seems to have a lot of fun performing. And you'd have to be extremely talented to be a member as you'd be expected to be able to play a minimum of three instruments. They hopped and jumped and sang and banged and made beautiful, creative noise. There was one kid in the band who I dubbed The Red T-shirt Kid, 'cause he was wearing, you know, a red t-shirt, who just sold it for me. You could tell that he thoroughly enjoyed himself and must be exhausted after every show. They only got to play for 45 minutes and I could've listened to them for 200 more, but they're coming back in November so hopefully I'll be able to see them again.

Then there's Rainer Maria, who Derek really likes and I am unsure about. What I will say is that I enjoyed their performance more than I thought I would and wasn't sad that I saw them live. The lead singer has a nice voice and they know how to really rock the house. Nothing new really, but still a nice sound.

As I was done after Anathallo finished, and Derek was done after Rainer Maria finished, we left before The Format even started setting up. I don't know much about them, but judging by the largely teeny-bopper crowd who was really excited to see them, I don't really need to.

All in all a great night for only $15. Can't beat that with a stick.

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