peace has been restored

Ok folks. Sorry for my little temper tantrum yesterday. Things are much calmer today and back to their normal, idyllic state. It was as if a little thunderstorm just rolled through the Garden and now everything is fresh and clean again. Although supposedly I do have to run down to Denver sometime today to sign off on another press proof of The Sistene Chapel so that the darn thing can go to press. The printer absolutely refuses to print it without a signed proof. Even though we told him we would be happy with whatever came off the press. I'm sure he will call at 4p to tell me that it's ready, which means I won't get back to FC until about 7p.

I think I have resigned myself to the fact that, this week at least, work has taken my personal life by the throat and gutted it.

In other news, stop eating hot dogs right now. I've suspected for many years that they are probably not very good for you, but now there's confirmation. Unfortunately, the actual damage they cause could be much worse than we all thought.


cyberhobo said...

Just put some of this on your hot dog!

craptastic said...

we're. all. gonna. die.