on the dl

No. Not 'down low.' 'Disabled List.'

Dylan and I went bouldering tonight and on my second attempt on the first problem I tried, I bit it. I fell about four feet maybe (Dylan ?), missed the pad, and landed on a rock. My ankle hurt, kind of, but I went ahead and tried the problem two more times, getting it on the second try. That didn't feel so good, so I sat out the rest of the evening, drinking one of the two beers that Dylan brought for us and watched Dylan try this impossible looking traverse.

Then I headed over to Urgent Care.

The doc said it's not broken, but I've probably bruised some covering that goes over the heel bone. He had some fancy schmancy scientific name for it that I can't pronounce, let alone spell. He said that I would probably be in some pain and somewhat gimpy for the next week or so. It's a good thing I'm headed to Chicago for a week and won't have much opportunity to do anything strenuous.

So there you go. It's what I get for being accident prone I guess.


dylan said...

I'd say three feet - not far, but the surprise factor adds to it. I should've pushed you onto to the pad, but you were just barely off of it & I didn't see it coming. Sorry!

craptastic said...

definitely wasn't your fault. it caught both of us by surprise. it was a 'real one' as you say.