of mice and men

Last year I was living in Missoula, Montana and I happened to have my birthday off of work because I had just recently quit my job, and instead of making me work for the next two weeks like normal employers would, the tyrant I had the misfortune to be employed by decided that he no longer needed my services. Since I had the day off, I decided to take the R-dog for a hike. It was such a great way to celebrate my birthday that I decided I would do that every year for the rest of the time I spend here on Earth (in this lifetime anyway).

Well the day of my birth rolled around this year and I took the day off with the Grand Plan of going to Indian Peaks State Park near Lyons, Colorado. I woke up at 8a and checked the ol' e-mail for any word about this freelance project that was due in the morning. Nothing. Then I talked to Ann who wanted to go with me and we decided that instead of an all-day, Indian Peaks trip, we would just go do Arthur's Rock in the afternoon. That would give me time to get the freelance project out of the way, and would satisfy both my need to be outside and my need to be kinda lazy.

My friend Nikki had called earlier in the week to see if she could take me out to lunch to celebrate the Big Day. I was noncommital since, at that time, The Grand Plan was still in place, but I told her that if I decided not to go hiking, we could definitely go to lunch. Well. Since we weren't going on an all-day hike I called her and made plans to meet her and Ann for lunch.

We had the all-you-can-eat buffet at one of my favorite restaurants in town, a Nepalese place called Mt. Everest Cafe.

It was already 200ยบ outside when we left the restaurant.

The combination of my overly-full stomach and the extremely warm temperature made me very, very sleepy.

I didn't make it to the woods. Or even off of my bed for the rest of the afternoon.

Does it count as a tradition when you only do it one time? I don't think so. Next year I swear I'll go hiking on the ol' b-day. You can hold me to it.

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