may the force be with me

I made the mistake of buying the Cheddar Jack flavored Cheez-its® at the grocery store this weekend. I blame it on the euphoria and bliss inflicted on me from having such a good climbing outing which caused me to not quite be of sound mind. I made some other bad decisions at the marketplace also, but I shan't go into those. This one's all about the Cheez-its.

I swear I stood there for a while in the cracker aisle debating whether I should go over to the dark side, or just stick with the normal, reduced fat flavor I normally buy. Which aren't that bad, but once you get a taste of Nirvana, I'm not sure you can ever go back again. Here's why it was a bad decision: I think I've eaten almost half the box already and they've only been in my grubby little paws for one day.

I mean, if Jesus made crack with his own two hands, Cheddar Jack Cheez-its is what it would taste like.

I'm just sayin'.


dylan said...

You know it's a gateway drug. Next thing you'll be downloading songs from the internet, and it's all over...

craptastic said...

awww. damn. it IS all over. just label me doomed.