it was bound to happen sooner or later

So today was the day that we got press proofs back from the printer on The Brochure from Hell that I have been working on since I started my new job, and it caused what started out to be a fairly decent day to quickly turn into a lumpy pile of three-day old dog shit.

Seriously, I'm not really sure why, but my boss has treated this project like it has to be the second coming of the Mona Lisa or something. And it's a brochure. A brochure pimping vacation time shares to insanely rich people. I don't know if it's because he's afraid we might lose this client, or if it's just a fairly expensive piece and we need it to turn out well, but I've never seen anyone, and I mean anyone nitpick something to death like he has this project.

Really the only downside to my new job is that my boss is a control freak. And when I say control freak, I don't mean the oh-could-you-take-a-look-at-the- color-of-that-type-again control freak. I mean the could-you-reduce-the- kerning-by-3-points-and-crop-that-photo-so-that-leaf-is-not-showing kind of control freak. Most days, I can let this slide right off my Wacom® tablet. But today, he started looking at the proofs and making all of these changes with apparent disregard to the fact that we have to get a final printed piece to the client by Tuesday. Not Tuesday the 29th, but Tuesday the 22nd. That means three days to print 1,000 brochures and then send them through this rather complicated binding process because, you know, this brochure is the next Guernica.

Understandably, I started to freak out a little. Because the changes he was making were rather complicated revisions that required master-level knowledge of Photoshop®. And he expected me to make them. Now I'm no slouch in Photoshop, but I'm certainly no wizard and I was uncertain of having the necessary skills required to fix the photos. Also understand that he's had a proof of the brochure for over a week, and I could've made these changes a while ago if he had given me the heads up. Or if I couldn't make them, we could've sent them to a professional and had someone more competent do it.

This is his thing. He doesn't look at anything until the last minute and then wants to make a ton of changes. A couple of weeks ago, I had to get a proof to the client by the end of the day and he started looking at it and killing photos and replacing them with ones that we weren't even sure were hi-res enough to be printed. So I ended up being at the office until much, much later than I wanted to be and then had to come in an hour early just to get the proof done. All when the pictures he was replacing had been in the brochure for more than two weeks already.

Anyway, he got really irritated with me for freaking out about the deadline and we had a little tiff. Nothing major, and I've definitely been through worse, I mean it's not like he punched the wall of my cubicle or anything. Not like He Who's Name I Do Not Speak. But still. It was the first sign that all will not always be well in Paradise.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not running out tomorrow to look for a new job or anything, and if that's the worse that ever happens this is still a pretty good job, but I just wasn't expecting it today, nor was I in the mood for it. It's Wednesday for Christ's sake—always, without fail, the worst day of the week.

Finally, I reminded myself that regardless of what the client thinks, no one is going to die if this brochure doesn't get done on time and my breathing came down from hyperventilating to just running a Carl Lewis mile.

Plus, I realize that most of this is just growing pains and once I get acclimated to the way he works everything will be a-ok.

Ok. Really long rambling rant over with.

I am kind of mad that I had to miss yoga class for it though.


dylan said...

I think some bosses get off on making you squirm. If you perform too well, they simply sabotage the task until you start to crack.

craptastic said...

i don't think that's what he's doing. i just think he's an absolute and utter control freak who can't let anything go. and he's one of those people who is never satisfied. who thinks things are never done.

it's ok though. the plus side is that it makes the work a ton better. the down side is, well... you never finish anything.