go big or go home

The weather tonight was perfect for climbing outside, but Travis hates bouldering and there aren't too many places to toprope that are convenient to after-work endeavors, so we hit the gym for more time on the plastic rocks. I actually don't mind going to the gym. Some people hate it, but I figure practice is practice is practice. And I need a lot of it, so any time spent climbing is good time in my opinion.

I've decided to do at least one 5.10 (or higher) climb each time we go. I figure the only way to get any better at 'em is to just do 'em and see what happens. On nights past I've always waited until about the third or fourth climb before I attempted a hard one, and usually I haven't been successful at finishing. So, tonight I altered my strategy and tried a 5.10+ called 'A Lump of Coal for Xmas' on my second turn. Dude. I was sooo close to topping out before my arms just gave out on me. I had two more moves to go and I would've finished. I had to rest a couple of times, but still, I almost completed the damn thing.

My arms feel like what I imagine sausages feel like. Full.


dylan said...

Freshness is key. Sometimes I do best on the very first route, but only if I have my head on straight (which is highly variable). Anyway - keep at it!

craptastic said...

i think i'm gonna try it first next time and see if i can get up it. i'll keep you posted.