dirty? maybe. if you're in to that sort of thing

Something that sounds extremely pornographic but isn't even in sneezing distance of being sexy: Hot Yoga.

Ann and I had been talking about trying out a kind of yoga called Bikram Yoga. Supposedly, according to Ann, it was started by an Indian with either the first or last name, Bikram. And also, according to Ann, he's a jerk. And makes people pay him a gazillion dollars in order to use his name when developing their yoga classes. So. This studio in town calls their version of Bikram Yoga, you got it, Hot Yoga.

Well. It was hot alright. As in temperature, not as in, 'Wow. I look really f'ing awesome doing this. People might want to pay to see it.'

We spent 90 minutes in a room that was 2,000ยบ doing various 'postures' while listening to an extremely peppy woman telling us to 'push it just a little further.' Up to this point in my experience with yoga, the instructors have always told us to not do anything that hurts and to do things at our own pace. Well last night's drill seargent seemed to take some perverse pleasure in making us cause ourselves bodily harm. All with the happy disposition of a sadistic high school cheerleader on Pep Rally Day.

I'm exhausted. Still.

I'll definitely do it again.

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