no way am i ready for that

Last night I took another yoga class. The whole thing was focused on progressing towards the head stand. Uh. I can barely stand on my feet, let alone my head. It was a disaster.

Next week (if I go again) she wants to progress to the hand stand. I repeat: I can't stand on my feet most of the time, why on earth would I want to try to stand on my hands?

I might come up with a convenient excuse not to make it.


Anonymous said...
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emheller said...

Okay....the whole purpose of yoga is to go at your own pace...I can't even do the headstand....and I've been going for years...dude...it's really simple...you take baby steps to get there. For instance, I can get only half way by crawling my feet up the wall....it's not easy but there are steps to learn before you do the whole thing...like I said...go at your own pace...no one is judging you...only me :)