it's raining, so...

Because of the badly needed inclement weather, Travis, Kyle and I decided to hit the gym last night instead of Rotary Park.

It had been a while since I had climbed inside and I was actually a little bit nervous. I guess I was afraid of failure. Performance anxiety is a terrible mind game. Most of climbing is mental and if you're not in the right frame of mind, it can really screw you up.

I warmed up on an easy 5.8 and that got quite a bit of my confidence back, so I did another 5.8 with a sweet overhang. I was a little shaky on that one and already feeling it in my forearms, but I made it up without falling or resting.

Then I attempted a 5.11, but after five tries and not getting past the third move, I gave up and moved next door to a 5.9. Unfortunately, my arms and grip were completely shot and I couldn't complete it.

After a nice, long rest I did a 5.10 that was challenging, but not too difficult. It was really pinchy at the top and my hands were complaining pretty loudly, but I bulled my way up without falling.

I ended the night on 'Mr. Stretch.' A sweet 5.9 that usually I can complete without any problems, but I was too worn out by the time I attempted it tonight and couldn't finish.

Overall a really nice night. It was good to make it up the 5.10 as I haven't done too many of those and it's been a barrier that has me perplexed.

This morning my thumb is crying Uncle, but I think if I just stretch it out and ice it some it will be ok.

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