happy birthday america

I'm currently sitting at Starbucks® drinking an iced coffee that I really don't need and eating a cranberry almond bar that I really, really don't need and paying $6 an hour just to use the internet. Hopefully, if there is a god somewhere, I will have the interbunny back at the house sometime this week and will no longer have to subject my body to such travesties in order to satisfy my internet jones..

Anyway, I tried out my new sleeping bag this weekend. Result: It's frickin' awesome. The Thermarest® loops? Worth every penny. You know how when you try to sleep on your side in a sleeping bag you end up getting strangled by the hood? Well, with loops to hold your Thermarest in place, your bag doesn't slide around and you can sleep on your side in complete comfort and are able to breathe the whole time. Bonus.

On Friday I got the word from Baby Africa (Dude. I have no idea. He actually requested that I call him this in the blog) and Derek that they wanted to come on my backwoods adventure with me and I spent most of the day Saturday getting ready for the trip. Saturday night Baby Africa invited me to a bbq at a farm north of town with the promise that we 'wouldn't stay very long.' Umm. Yeah. I got to bed at 1.5a Sunday morning. Somehow, in spite of the late hour, he was able to convice our friend Paul to come with on the trip. I think it's because they were both drunk and not thinking clearly.

Sunday morning they arrived at my house, kind of bright-eyed and somewhat bushy-tailed. At the last minute we decided to go for Browns Lake instead of Twin Crater Lakes because the distance was shorter and two of our party were a tiny bit, uh, indisposed. It ended up being the perfect distance and a really beautiful hike.

No mishaps really except about a mile into the hike I realized that I forgot to lock my car so had to run back down to the trailhead in order to keep the backcountry theives from stealing my most valuable possession - my iPod®.

We got to the campsite so early that we really didn't know what to do with ourselves, so we all decided to take a nap. Later, Baby Africa and Derek provided an awesome fajita dinner and the myriad mosquitoes provided us with some after dinner exercise. The only bummer was the no campfire due to the fire ban. For the first time ever, I put the R-dog in the vestibule instead of letting her sleep in the tent. Thank you whoever you are who invented the vestibule. Thank you. That and Simply Sleep® gave me the first good night's sleep I've ever had in the great outdoors. The whisky I drank probably didn't hurt all that much either.

The next morning we woke and got moving in enough time to beat the afternoon storms that rolled through just as we got back to the cars. And even though we had to listen to Baby Africa whine about not getting his oatmeal the entire time, it was still a pleasant walk through the woods.

I was really surprised by how uncrowded the campsites were considering it was a holiday weekend, but I guess that's one advantage to hitting the backcountry instead of just car camping. Fewer people are willing to walk that far. Even in 'rado.

I'm still pleasantly tired (albeit kinda jittery from all the caffeine and itchy from all the mosquito bites), and very happy that I got to get outside, try out new gear and spend time with friends. A perfect way to celebrate the birth of our country.


Kris said...

Ok. You may be onto the trendy thing but i think it is just great!! I sure miss you and i have to say that i got the biggest kick just out of your title. Glad you had a great 4th. Ours was nice. You gave me the greatest laugh of the day.

craptastic said...

awwwww, shucks. i'm kinda teary now. i miss you too.