everything is illuminated

I thought they did a good job of telling the story of the Rigid Search, and the guy that played Alex was perfect. However, I was really disappointed that they didn't tell more of the stories from the village. I guess they didn't really have time, but still, that was the most interesting thing about the book. Plus, I thought Elijah Wood played Jonathan as Frodo in Coke bottle glasses. When I read the book, I didn't get the impression that Jonathan was such a whiney, pathetic wuss.

My favorite character in the whole thing was Sammy Davis, Jr., Jr. She made me laugh out loud. A couple of times.

Rating: ****


steph said...

Now I recommend that you read the author's second book, "extrememly loud and incredibly close"...it was very good. I'd lend it to you, but another friend already has it.

craptastic said...

cool. thanks. i shall check it out.