curses. foiled again.

Ann, Dylan and I made plans last night to go climbing today up at Veedauwoo (pronounced vee-da-voo) which is located somewhere near Laramie, Wy off of I-80, so about an hour and some change to get up there.

I wake up this morning and it's grey. Grey. Grey. As far as the eye can see. And, it's even sprinkling a little. I think, 'Well, just wait and see. It'll probably burn off.' By 9.5a it still hadn't gone the way of the National Parks system (if W. has his way), so I give them a call to see if we're going.

Yep. We are. Even though I would much rather stay inside. I've been grumpy and tired all week and the clouds remind me that I could just as soon stay in bed. I'd have an excuse.

A and D are staying the night, so we drive separately. After rocking out (and I mean rocking out) in my car to 'Burn the Maps,' an excellent album by The Frames for the entire hour (mostly listening to the same song, 'Finally' about twenty times in a row), we arrive to discover that it's just as gloomy and gross in Wy as it is in Co. They decide to be industrious and go for a hike. I decide to be lazy and go home; agreeing to meet them back there tomorrow morning if the weather's better.

So, two hours and a not small amount of fossil fuels later with nothing to show for it. Maybe it's the Higher Power's way of telling me that I should be staying off of my injured thumb.


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