a conversation. again.

'I really like that shirt.'

'Thanks. For me, it's ironic.'

'What. You don't dance?'

'Oh God no. No one needs to see that.'

She laughs. Somewhat loudly. 'Well, at least you know, right?'

'Yeah. I only do that in the privacy of my own home.'

She laughs some more. 'Well. AT LEAST YOU KNOW. Most people don't.'

'I guess. Alright. Thanks. Take it easy.'

'You too. Thanks.'

This is the exact conversation, almost word for word, that I've had twice now with the lady who works at the Fort Collins Food Co-op, where I occasionally go to buy an organic snack to get me through the afternoon. This is the second time I've gone in there while wearing my 'Will Dance for Food' t-shirt.

Either she wants really badly to flirt with me about something and this is all she's got, or she just really, truly likes the shirt.

I guess that's what I get for wearing 'funny' clothes.

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