Dylan and I finally made it out to Rotary Park at Horsetooth Res. to boulder tonight. It was sprinkling a little on our respective rides home from our respective places of work, but we decided to head out anyway in case it blew over. It blew over, the sun came out and we had awesome weather for the bouldering.

My muscles are pleasantly tired, my fingertips are super shredded and I didn't damage myself or cause anything to bleed. Even my thumb seems ok. Of course, we specifically stayed off of anything pinchy and just worked on some slab stuff.

It was nice to get out on the rocks. I think I'd almost forgotten what it feels like.


emheller said...

That's an awesome photo...I want it...and I want it Hi Res...send it.


craptastic said...

what are your intentions young lady?

emheller said...

Oh purely innocent...send it.

I just think its a great shot and would love to have a duggie original....of course

craptastic said...

of course i'll send it, i was just giving you shit. i meant to do it last night, but completely spaced it. i'll send it tonight.