stop the madness

Have you been wondering what Connie Chung has been up to ever since she quit doing the news? Apparently she was co-hosting a show with her husband, called Weekends with Maury and Connie. Never heard of it? Don't feel bad, no one else did either. It got canceled. Probably because she wouldn't stop singing.


dylan said...

Yow. Funny, but, can anyone make it all the way through?

craptastic said...

no shit. i could only watch 'til she about fell off of the piano. then i had to stop. i was too embarrassed for her.

emheller said...

never saw it.....probably best that I didn't.

Should we talk about wanting a flat screen....should we go with the boom boom 42 incher or the econmical 32 or thirtysomethinger....

we're pimpin' the pad...any suggestions on model?

craptastic said...

when it comes to technology, i always say get the highest-end you can afford. otherwise it will be obsolete in 2 seconds.

what that means when it comes to flat screen tv's is anybody's guess.

i'd check out consumer reports website. i think they still let you do one search for free? if not, i'm sure there are a ton of technogeek websites out there that will tell you what you need. maybe check out wired's? www.wiredmag.com (i think).

good luck.