my 15 minutes

You know that statistic about a person's chance of being on television in his lifetime? I forget exactly what it is, but I'm going to be on tv tonight. As many of you know, this week is Bike Week in good ol' FC and I was interviewed by the news because I, well, ride my bike to work.

I'm sure I sounded like a complete dork and I realized after the interview that, of course, I have a huge zit on the side of my face and my hair was standing up in spikes all over my head.

Luckily, it was the local news which means it will only be seen by two people. So, now I'm famous. Sort of.


Steph said...

wooo, you should have a party to celebrate :)

craptastic said...

what i really need are some groupies. and some bling. and a really phat crib.

emheller said...

can I get your autograph?

I would like to ride to work....however if I did that then it would necessate that I leave the damn thing chained outside...and we're not taking the cheap 20 dolla kind were talkin' three massive chains at a size that could haul an F-150...and then... that would be after of course...I removed the front wheel and the bike seat along with the speedomiter and the light.