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It's always weird for your introduction to a band/singer be a recording of a live show, but in spite of that I actually found myself really enjoying this album. Even the dialogue recorded between the songs is good. He's funny and articulate and gives some insight into what the songs mean to him and why he wrote them. Like any recording artist, his songs are largely autobiographical and it's interesting to learn what's behind them.

Overall Nathanson is a pretty typical American singer/songwriter, i.e. somewhat pop-y. Think what John Mayer could be if he weren't so retarded and actually possessed a modicum of talent.

Rating: ***

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steph green said...

referred by pandora.com
referred by stephanie

I just like to take credit sometimes :) how are you doing? enjoying the new job?

craptastic said...

Hey. Take the credit when you can get it.

Things are good. The new job is good. Nice work. And good people. And shorter hours. And more pay. And better benefits. What's not to love?

How are you? Keeping busy?

steph green said...

Well that's great..sounds very ideal. Do they need any interns?! Just kidding.

I seem to be keeping busy, but not pulling in much of an income. It's been weird. It's like I'm on summer vacation though, so I'm enjoying it :)

craptastic said...

i never did get a call from starbucks...

i wish we did need interns, i'd give them your name. unfortunately, we're all crammed in like sardines as is. maybe once we move to our new space?

i'm glad you're enjoying your summer vacation. i wish i had summer vacation. there are so many things i could be doing right now.

emheller said...

I am numb just by reading this shit...anyone?....again this is said with the upmost love and affection

craptastic said...

everyone let me introduce you to my friend em. pardon her crassness, she's from new york, and we all know how they are.