hewlett gulch

After talking about it for the past, oh, six months or so, I finally decided to try out the Hewlett Gulch Trail today on my bike. I'm happy to report that I'm definitely starting to become less terrified of the rocks than I was when I first moved out here. Most of the time I succeeded in getting over the bolder-strewn trail. Well, at least I was marginally more successful than not, i.e. I didn't fall any times that caused serious bodily harm. That's success in my book. I discovered that for some reason, I was less terrifed going down over the rocks than going up over them.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a poster child for how to ride your bike off road in the mountains or anything, but I did well for me.

The trail runs alongside a creek so lots of trees and other plantlife which offered some nice shady spots. It also had tons of still-full runoff creek beds, which I was surprised about. I'm guessing that in another couple of weeks they'll all be dry?

I had been this close to giving up on mountain biking altogether and just getting a road bike, but I'm starting to gain newfound confidence and hopefully, with a lot of practice, I can maybe even get good at it.

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