america, you old broad you

I don't need many excuses to buy myself something new, so when I realized a fairly important birthday was right around the corner, I whipped out my credit card toot sweet. In order to celebrate the birth of this great country of ours (and it is great in spite of the jackass who's in charge), and in preparation for my expedition into the backcountry next weekend, I bought myself a shiny new three-season sleeping bag. It only weighs two pounds. Two. And it's filled with goose feathers. And it has loops to attach my Thermarest® so I won't slide off of it in the middle of the night. Isn't it pretty?

Thanks, America. Happy birthday.


dylan said...

oooooooo aaaaaaah

emheller said...

...and when you wake up does it turn you into a butterfly and make you all purty and stuff?

craptastic said...

i'll let you know on tues.